Ace College of Media & Design is a media and visual arts training and career development institution. We develop and offer flexible range of learning solutions to meet specific needs of individuals, creative professionals and creative companies.


Our programs are attended by a cross-section of creative people among them visual artists, designers, screen writers, copy and business writers and printing specialists among others.


Established in August  2013, Ace College of Media & Design promotes the advancement of creative art and design knowledge, both in creation and dissemination, by providing successful graduates and a continuously improving learning environment to its constituents, while maintaining high ethical, multicultural and global standards.


We adopt a proactive approach utilizing our international exposure to develop and design creative and interactive training programs that focus on specific creative issues facing our clientèle. Ace College is all about career & result oriented, an improved career success on local and international level while reflecting the college’s true ability in delivering the real outcome, YOUR achievement!


The College is recognized by the professional industries giving our students the platform for industry experience through attachments and allowing them to serve renowned companies to serve the creative art & design industries with their professional skills.

our objectives

Our goal is to provide students with productive rewarding years of intellectual and personal growth so that they can develop the habits of mind and heart that contribute to a meaningful life and make a positive difference in the world. We believe in art as an area of great exposure that requires great passion, creativity and a heart for innovation.




Whether people choose to design living spaces to create tranquility and comfort for its inhabitants, garments to create a chic look for the bearer, or images to impress the public with the need to consume specific products,  Ace College of Media & Design will prepare its students to challenge their own imagination and have the means to turn the dreams their mind creates, into realities that will rock the world….





The true wealth of Ace College of Media & Design is its students. Hailing from different parts of the country, the student body of Ace College of Media & Design has in its ranks the passion to welcome talents that can take its name far and wide.


We hope to meet a 100% professional placement to make the institute a desirable venue for the most creative of prospective students. The development of high-quality projects during their academic study experiences, as well as real-world projects that will be offered to our students, will allow them to ensemble amazing work for their professional portfolio even whilst completing their studies.


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